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Italian Mid Century Modern 1960s Murano Glass Vase

Italian Mid Century Modern 1960s Murano Glass Vase
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This mid century modern faceted glass vase was hand blown on the island of Murano, on the Venetian Lagoon in Italy. The vibrant cobalt blue center is cased in a layer of glowing orange. Both colors are embedded in a square, solid block of clear glass, achieved by the Sommerso ("submerged" in Italian) technique, developed in Murano in the 1930's, which creates layers of contrasting colors. The glass artist then went on to facet each of the four corners, cutting and polishing them, extending down to the bottom to create faceted curves along the base. The artistry and technical brilliance of Murano glass never ceases to amaze. 

The vase measures approximately 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide on each side at the widest point. The glass is 1/2 inch thick and the piece weighs 4 pounds. Vintage faceted vases like this one are rarely found signed; they usually had a paper or foil label, which since it was most often applied on a side of the vase, not the bottom, was frequently removed over the years by the owner or simply wore off from handling. While faceted Murano vases are routinely attributed to the glass designer/manufacturer Mandruzzato, several other companies in Venice made them, so absent a label, we are not assigning this vase to a specific glassmaker. 

This vase, besides being wonderfully dazzling and decorative, is in pristine condition, with no chips, cracks or scratches, even on the bottom. A few tiny bubbles in the glass attest to its hand blown status. It's a beautiful example of mid century modern Murano glass. 


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