Indonesian Painted Wood Carved Mask

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  • Vintage item

This striking large wooden mask was hand carved and hand painted in vibrant colors in Indonesia. It's a decorative wall mask made for the tourist trade, indicated by the absence of holes that allow the mask to be attached to a head or headdress and the addition of a metal loop on the back so it can be hung on the wall.

This mask is one of a collection we bought; it's possibly from Java but more likely from Bali, given the painted white face, exaggerated carved red lips and finely shaped nostrils. The metallic gold paint mimics the gilding done on the masks used in the local rituals. The numerous small painted designs scattered over the mask were done to enhance its appeal to a buyer (and we love the starry eyes).

Made of a lightweight wood, the mask weighs only 1 pound 6 ounces. It is 7 inches wide at the top, tapering to 4 inches across at the bottom, with a height of 19 inches. To the tip of the nose it projects 5 inches from the wall. It's in very good condition, with a few small chips and scrapes in the paint and a chip out of the upper back, revealing the light colored wood underneath. It is an eye-catching and dramatic Indonesian mask.


PYH 4978