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Hedgehog Bank Signed Studio Art Pottery - 1970s Modernist

1970s Modernist Hedgehog Bank Signed Studio Art Pottery
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  • Vintage item from the 1970s
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This handsome, slightly cross-eyed critter is a hedgehog, a charming animal regarded as being wise and industrious. This hand made pottery sculpture from the 1970s is also a bank, working hard to save your coins. Modernist in design, it's formed of a reddish brown stoneware clay with an interesting surface/glaze treatment. The upper part of the hedgehog is a smooth tan with a semi-matte glaze, while the bottom half was left rough and unglazed. There are concentric ridges covering the entire body, as well as various size black dots representing the spines. It's signed in script etched into a black, irregular oval, possibly reading "Shusterman."

Measuring nearly 5 inches from tip to tail, about 3 1/2 inches across the widest part and standing 3 inches tall, it's in pristine condition. It'll look great on your desk, your coffee table, your kitchen counter....

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