French Vintage Faience Dish by Gien Hand Enameled Peonies

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This gorgeous dish is from Faïencerie Gien, established in 1821 in the Loire Valley village of Gien in the heart of France. Faïencerie Gien, out of the numerous potteries founded in the 1800's, is one of the most respected and renowned for their craftsmanship and elegance. The floral decoration on this dish is known as "custome" (custom), traditionally done in shades of pink, purple and a color called parma, a pinkish-violet. The flowers are 'pivoines,' peonies in full bloom and the name of the pattern from Gien's Prestige collection.

The earthenware used to form the dish was given a pure white glaze and then hand enameled and given ochre trim on the scalloped rim. The underside of the dish bears the stamped three castles mark of Gien, one of many variations they used, this one dating from 1960 to 1971. The words "décoré à la main" are included beneath, translating to 'decorated by hand' and also the artist's initials PG in blue.

Measuring about 8 1/2 inches across and standing about 1 inch high, the dish weighs approximately 14 ounces. It can be hung on the wall, since it has two holes 2 1/4 inches apart drilled in the foot rim but of course it can be as easily used propped up or laying down, too. It's in lovely condition, with a tiny chip on the rim, shown by the arrow in one of our photos. It's shown in the position it would be in if the dish were hanging on the wall. One of the hanging holes on the back has a chip next to it and we've shown that also. All other white spots are reflections from our studio lighting. Vibrant colors, no cracks and no other chips---this piece displays beautifully.

HELPFUL NOTE: if you'd like to verify the mark on a piece of Gien faience (and those of other makers of faience), this site is extremely thorough and informative:

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