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French Faience Bowl by Longwy - Hand Enameled

French Faience Bowl by Longwy - Hand Enameled
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This beautiful faience bowl was made by Faiencerie de Longwy in the Lorraine region of north-eastern France. Founded by the Boch family in 1798 in a former convent, Longwy made this bowl, according to the mark, between the years 1963 and 1989. It's part of the No. 3475 series, illustrating folklore and rural scenes from the Lorraine area. The bowl has intricate gold background details on the black glaze, overlaid with colorful hand applied raised enamels.

Depicted is an intérieur Lorrain, the interior of a home in Lorraine. The level of detail is fascinating: a home altar on the fireplace mantel, along with two candleholders, a coffee grinder and a horseshoe; the lady of the house doing her spinning at the wheel, the man smoking his pipe and the fire itself, with a pot hanging over it on a ratcheted hanger. The bottom of the bowl is marked in gold with various phrases: intérieur Lorrain, DECORE ALA MAIN (Hand decorated), MADE IN FRANCE and Nº 3475, surrounding the central Longwy mark.

The shape of this bowl is scalloped and curvaceous, with a notched-out handle at each end. It measures 10 3/4 inches long, 9 inches top to bottom and about 3 inches tall; it weighs 1 1/2 pounds. Made of a white clay, there is one tiny white chip showing on the unglazed foot rim (see photo # 6) and some small dull black spots along the rim where the high gloss top glaze has flaked away, shown in the photo with the arrow. All other white spots are reflections from the lighting on the shiny surfaces. The black glaze and bright enamels make it a very eye-catching piece of French décor.

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