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Folk Art Norwegian Wedding Klokkestreng with Pewter Hardware

Folk Art Norwegian Wedding Klokkestreng with Pewter Hardware
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This folk art wall tapestry is a klokkestreng, a Norwegian term that translates to "bell string;" it's also called a bell pull. It is beautifully cross stitched in wool yarn, backed with navy blue wool and finished top and bottom with handsome pewter hangers. This klokkestreng was surely lovingly hand made for a wedding gift, as the woman pictured is wearing a traditional Norwegian bridal crown and her specially embroidered "dress" apron, while the groom is wearing his short, embroidered jacket with brass buttons and a tall black top hat. The design around the perimeter is in blue, black, red and gold, while the four central designs---flowers, the bride and the groom---have green, white and brown as well on a cream background. The piece measures 36 inches long including the hangers and is 7 inches wide.
What was in the past a cord attached to a bell mounted on the wall that summoned servants became a needlework tapestry. As fewer and fewer homes had servants, the bell pull became purely decorative. Making them became a popular craft in Scandinavia and they were a common gift item. The hardware was made by both home craftsmen and professional companies. The scrolled ones on this klokkestreng were made by the Norwegian pewter firm Tinn-Per which started in business in 1965 (tinn being the Norwegian word for pewter).

This embroidery is well made and in excellent condition, with no holes, tears, dropped stitches or stains. Klokkestrengs look at home with Scandinavian modern and traditional décor both and in any other setting where colorful folk art is welcomed.

P.S. We lived many years near Junction City, Oregon and attended the Scandinavian Festival there. It began in 1961 and is a wonderful place to appreciate Nordic handicrafts and food. Please Visit the links below for more information.


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