Fish Decoy Sculpture - Hand Carved - Signed - On Chain Stringer

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  • Vintage item

From the great state of Michigan, land of over 11,000 lakes, comes this hand carved fish decoy sculpture, a true piece of American folk art. Like all folk art, details on this fish are part of the artist's imagination, much like an Impressionist painting. Which leaves us wondering: is this a species of trout, perhaps (minus some fins here and there) or an entirely fictional fish? It's certainly a colorful one, with all-over painted red and black spots, grey head and tail, and red gills. The inside of the mouth is also painted red and the glass eyes are green with black irises. The pale wood was left rough in spots and there are areas where the bark remains. The fish is signed in black script on the tail; we're pretty sure the artist's first name is Mike and the last name starts with "P," but we're unsure of the rest (if you know Mike, please let us know his last name---and say hi for us!)

The fish weighs about 1/2 pound with the chain. It measures about 13 inches long, 5 inches from the edge of one tail fin to the other (one tail fin is a bit longer than the other) and about 2 1/2 inches across at its widest. The chain is rusty and undoubtedly used, the fish in good condition, with some splits in the wood, especially around the hole where the chain is attached. It can be propped up on a shelf (it's standing up by itself in our first photo, leaning a bit against the background) and looks great hanging from the shelf or on the wall, as well.


PYH 4952