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Exotic Wood Centerpiece Large Vintage Zebrawood Bowl

Zebrawood Bowl, Large Steam-Bent Sculpture /Three Dimensional Exotic Wood Centerpiece
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This large, gorgeous bowl sculpture was created from a veneer slice of zebrawood, quarter-sawn to give the hardwood its characteristic bold striping. Pricey and difficult to work with, zebrawood is nonetheless prized for its unique appearance. This exotic wood from West Africa is lightweight and stiff; it was steam-bent into its curving, tortuous shape. Zebrawood was popular for mid-century modern furniture and decorative accessories like this piece, which reminds one of a vortex or perhaps the solar system. 

This is a large sculptural bowl, measuring about 15 inches across and about 5 inches high and weighing just a bit over one pound. It's in excellent condition and is signed with a red cypher that 's burned into the wood, which we're reading as "CB" (pictured---it's a bit smeared but still readable). No matter how you turn this sculptural bowl, it has a different look. While it's eye-catching on a shelf or even propped on a stand, when it's displayed as a centerpiece that one looks down upon, the whirling curves are most impressive. 

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