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Handwrought Modern Art Enamel on Copper Dish Vintage 1960s

Vintage 1960s Enamel on Copper Dish Handwrought Modern Art
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This gorgeous modern enameled copper dish was hand made of heavy solid copper, hand decorated with high-gloss enamel. The sinuous irregular shape is finished on the edges with an unusual treatment of hundreds of parallel grooves. A five-petalled glowing orange flower is set against a mottled gold background, a very 1960s color combo. The dark brown shading around the flower gives it depth. The smooth, rounded underside shows subtle hand-worked marks and bears a label from a gallery called "Contemporary Arts" with a price of $750.00. (We left this on just for fun--it would be easily removed. Just think---90% off!)

This artful dish measures 8.5 to 9 inches on each side, about 11.5 inches from corner to corner, stands 1.5 inches high and weighs 1 pound 2 ounces. It's in wonderful vintage condition, with no rust, corrosion or cracks and the copper has a nice medium color patina. There is a tiny flaw in the enamel, shown in our photo # 9, on the center right edge of the bottom right petal and there are a few tiny dents in the rim. It's easy to miss them unless they're pointed out. Otherwise, it's excellent and a striking piece of modern décor.

© Linda Henrich

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