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William & Son

Desktop Terrestrial Globe Antique Style

Desktop Terrestrial Globe Antique Style

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William Asprey is the seventh generation of the famed Asprey's of London family, who established their London store in 1781. William opened his luxury goods store called William & Son at 34-36 Bruton Street in Mayfair in 1999, opposite the Hermès boutique. Quite early on, they received the honor of a Royal Warrant, issued to tradespeople who supply goods or services to the royal court or certain royal personages. A victim of the pandemic---wealthy foreign visitors stayed home---the store is now online only, still offering necessities of life such as sterling silver caviar spreaders.

A globe consists of sections of maps called gores. Turning flat maps into these curved sections without distorting adjacent areas and distances is highly technical. The seams should match and create a smooth transition; the globemaker did a good job on this one. The globe is a standard large size, 16 inches in diameter (48 inch circumference) and 27 inches tall including the stand and base. The 12 inch diameter black painted wooden base and shapely baluster stand are traditional in style.

Instead of a semi-meridian---the semi-circular metal part that encompasses half the globe and attaches to the North and South Poles---there is a curved bronze support at the base of this globe. The embossed legend on it states " William and Sons London 1899." (We have no idea what significance that date has, other than to lend a faux air of antiquity). There is a rod attached to the support that runs through the globe to the top, covered with a brass knob where it emerges. This allows the globe to rotate on its axis.

The black background on the globe makes it very decorative and eye-catching, as do the muted earth colors and the large compass stars. This elegant piece is in excellent condition, with a slight amount of wear to the wooden parts and no damage to the globe itself. It weighs 6 3/4 pounds and is impressive in size and quality, a globe you'll be proud to display or give as a cherished gift.


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