David Voorhees Studio Pottery Goblet Signed and Dated '75

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Beautifully hand thrown and glazed, this graceful goblet was made by David Voorhees of Zirconia, North Carolina. Mr. Voorhees began making his pottery in 1975, which is the date incised on the unglazed bottom, along with "VOORHEES," making this one of his earliest pieces. At that time he was firing his pieces in electric or gas kilns, but his current kiln is wood fired and his studio is a passive solar building.

The cup of the goblet is a speckled olive green which segues into a light mustard with black areas that meld onto the foot. (Anyone else remember the avocado green/harvest gold combo of the '70's?) The throwing ridges are evident; there are a few pops in the clear top glaze, but it is in exceptional condition. It's fully glazed on the interior, so it can hold liquids. The piece is a little over 7 inches tall, 2 5/8 inches across the mouth, 2 1/2 inches wide at the bottom of the cup and has a 2 3/4 inch diameter base. It's a wonderful piece of pottery by a master potter.

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