School Penmanship Dated 1828 Exercise in Watercolors, Pen and Ink

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Found in Berks County, Pennsylvania, this wonderful school penmanship exercise is dated July 12, 1828 and signed at the bottom "Thomas Coats Moores Piece Book." It measures 9 inches by 7 inches and is framed in its original, 15/16 inch wide tiger maple frame. Master Moore wrote this school exercise in brown ink which has faded a bit with time. The draperies with a tassel at the bottom of each, so often seen in nineteenth century portraits, are cascading down the sides, painted in blue and pale brown watercolors. There is a six-pointed star in a circle in each upper corner, serving as holdbacks for the draperies. The title of the piece is "Grammer" {sic} and it's ornately penned at the the top within a pale blue painted oval. Here is the rest of the composition:

Grammer, that useful ornamental art
Does rules to speak, and read and write impart
In grammer four grand parts grammarians tell
Orthography, which teaches you to spell
By Prosody, the voice must sink or rise
Analogy, the use of words implies
While Syntase {sic}, how to form a sentence shows
Hence elegance in speech and writing flows

This exercise is done on laid paper. It retains its glass but we did not have it finished by our framer (mounting board, dust paper cover and hanging wire) so that the work could be examined out of the frame. However, if the buyer prefers, we would be glad to have this done before we ship. Framed measurements are 10 1/2 inches by about 8 1/2 inches and the frame is 3/4 inch thick; it's hand made and is splined at the four corners (the back of the frame is pictured in photograph #3). The composition is in wonderful condition, with a small bit of wear to the paper on the upper portion of each side, some browning to the paper and a bit of smearing to the bottom left watercolor tassel (which was probably done at the time Master Moore did this schoolwork). This work of art presents beautifully and is a rare opportunity to own a piece of early Pennsylvania history.

Note: We received a conservative auction estimate by email from a prominent auction house on this piece and will forward it to serious buyers.


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