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Crackled Raku Style Vase Red Clay With Overlays

Crackled Raku Style Vase Red Clay With Overlays
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This wonderfully unusual, heavy vase has a crackled, crazed thick glaze that appears fired and then smoked, a raku type technique. The red clay body was wheel thrown; the entire shape is a bit irregular and bumpy. The arabesque overlays, made of some type of composite material that mimics pewter, lend an ancient look. There are pinholes that have pierced the glaze down to the base clay; they look like they were made by a hot poker. The unglazed bottom and interior are blackened and there are smoke marks scattered over the exterior on the glaze. No sign of a maker's mark or country of origin.

This vase is surprisingly heavy for its size, weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces. it stands 11 inches tall, is 7 inches wide across the shoulder, with an irregularly shaped 4 inch diameter mouth and a 5 inch diameter base. It's in excellent condition, with no discernible damage other than what the potter inflicted on it as decoration. Since the interior is not glazed, you won't want to use water in it. It's so distinctive, it looks great displayed without flowers, as a sculptural piece on its own.


PYH 4363

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