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Cottage Ware Coffee Pot Price & Kensington England Hand Painted

Cottage Ware Coffee Pot Price & Kensington England Hand Painted
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This figural earthenware coffee pot of a thatched roof English country cottage (albeit one with three storeys) was made by Price and Kensington, a firm that began with the Price Brothers brand in 1896. They merged with Kensington Potteries in Longport, Burslem, where they are still located, in 1962. The hand painted colors and molded details are lovely: multi-paned windows; “wood-grained” handle, spout and front door; green ivy growing up the front and back and leafy shrubs at the base and an overall pattern of stone walls. The mark printed in green on the bottom is a wreath encircling PRICE Kensington with MADE IN ENGLAND beneath and COTTAGE WARE under that. There is also a printed Reg. No. 845007, which means the decorative design was registered in England during 1945. This may be why we see this cottage ware misidentified as being from the 1940’s or 1950’s; obviously since Price and Kensington Potteries, Ltd., was created in 1962, none of their earthenware can be older than that. Although they are still in business, this pattern is no longer made. It has been copied by many other potteries, including others in the UK, but P&K's detailing, hand painting and quality are, in our opinion, generally superior.

This is a sturdy coffee pot that weighs almost two pounds and holds four 8 ounce cups. It measures about 7 inches across at the widest point and it’s 10 inches tall to the top of the chimney, with a 3 inch by 4 inch base. On the inside, on the bottom and on any areas that are unpainted and have just a clear glaze, there is fine crazing and there is a bit of rubbing on the unglazed rim of the bottom. The pot is unstained, immaculate and looks almost new. We currently have a companion teapot listed, also.

This is a charming coffee pot is both useful and a great display piece.



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