Chinese Pottery Plate, Blue and White With Flower Basket Motif

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This decorative pottery plate was made of white clay with a bluish glaze. The central design of a basket filled with flowers represents riches in the Daoist religion. The diaper design around the dished rim is composed of diamonds, each with its own four-petaled flower. The plate is marked on the back with Chinese characters in blue set in a square. We've identified at least one character as one used on pieces from the Ming Dynasty, but this plate is a 20th century version. These marks were not usually used on later pieces to deceive the buyer; in Asian countries, this practice shows admiration for previous works. 

This footed plate is 10 inches in diameter and 1 inch high. It weighs 2 pounds and is in excellent condition (note that the bit of embedded sand visible to the right of the flower basket is common with Asian pottery). This large plate is a lovely display piece wherever it's placed.


PYH 4008