Ceramic Art Tile Made in Spain - Stylized Bird With Worm

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Vivid in color, with metallic silver accents, this terracotta tile was made in Spain with a mid century modern Mediterranean vibe. On a background glaze of white, jade green trims the edges and colors the clusters of flowers, the swirled designs and the bird itself. Dark blue that's almost black was used to outline the bird, color his face and one foot and the allover intersecting lines. This was an early bird, for he has caught the worm. It's reminiscent of one of Salvador Dali's ceramic tiles.

The tile is marked on the reverse with raised block letters "Made in Spain" (very hard to photograph...we tried our best) and handwritten black letters, possibly the artist's initials. There are four pieces of Velcro on the back, indicating it was hanging up at one point. (They can easily be removed.) The tile measures 5 3/4 inches on each side and weighs about 10 ounces. In excellent condition, beautiful propped on a shelf or easel, hung on the wall or used as a trivet--it's a great find.

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