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Beer Barrel Shaped Mug West German Pottery by Jasba Keramik

Beer Barrel Shaped Mug Orange Color with Black Band- West German Pottery by Jasba Keramik
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This sturdy mug was made in West Germany by Jasba Keramic, known for their vibrantly colored ceramics. The company was founded in 1926, producing styles like this one in the 1960's. They're still in business, but production of pottery items stopped in 1971 and they currently make tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. The name JASBA is an acronym of the name of the founder Jakob (JA) Schwaderlapp (S) and the town of Baumbach (BA).

This is form number 402011, with a thick loop handle and a pot-bellied body. The outside of the mug, the handle and the bottom (except for the foot ring) were given a deep red glaze, then coated with a glossy clear top glaze, including the interior. It's decorated with two brown "studded" straps that mimic the metal hoops on a barrel. The form number is embossed on the bottom along with the oval Jasba mark. The clay used is the off-white typical of Jasba, although they occasionally used white clay, also.

This mug stands about 5 inches tall, measures 6 inches across including the handle and sits on a 3 1/2 inch diameter base. It weighs a little over a pound and holds a pint comfortably. It's in excellent condition, appears to be unused, and is ready for your collection.


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