Bamboo Vase, 1950s Miami Beach SoFlo Modern

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This large, mid century modern vase was made of bamboo in a sculptural form so evocative of the 1950's. Made of thick wood but hollow, the curved sloping sides taper to an flared rectangular base with rounded corners. The neck was placed asymmetrically to one side and has a mouth with a thick flattened rim that is a rounded rectangle. Sections of bamboo, short and long, many of them steamed to fit the curves of the vase, were applied in a dramatic abstract design. It's possible this was a lamp base at one time ---there is an inner piece of wood with two round holes and another two holes in the base, under the felt, which could have accommodated the wiring.

Weighing 5 pounds, this vase stands 12 inches tall. It's 11 inches across at its widest and 4 inches front to back. Beautifully crafted, it's in excellent condition, with a couple of tiny dents in the wood on the upper rim but no cracks, breaks, stains or missing pieces. (The fine line across the center is where the pieces were joined.) What a stunning display this would make on a Paul Frankl rattan table or a McGuire bamboo bar or anywhere you want the SoFlo Miami Beach fifties vibe.

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