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Art Pottery Two Handled Vase Amphora Shaped Ridged and Mottled

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This vintage art pottery vase was modeled in a graceful amphora shape. It is a very tactile piece, in that the ridges that encircle the body and the handles and the splashes of dark blue, slightly iridescent slip can all be felt with the fingertips. The olive green glaze was applied first, then the splattered blue and finally a clear glaze, except on the base, which just has the matte green glaze. The vase is not marked; it may have had a paper or foil label which has been lost.

It is a heavy (2 1/2 pounds), fairly tall vase, standing 9 ½ inches high to the top of the applied handles, which are attached at the shoulders and just under the rim. The widest measurement is 7 ½ inches and the base and mouth are 3 ¼ inches.

The condition of this vase is very good. There are a few pinpoint glaze pops, a hard to see flea bite on the upper rim and some red marks on the bottom, but no chips and no cracks.

This is a beautiful piece of art pottery that is not just a vase—it’s a sculptural accent for any room.


PYH 3689

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