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White on Black Art Pottery Bowl by Mia Tyson, SC Ceramic Artist

Modernist Hand Made Art Pottery Bowl Sculpture by Mia Tyson, SC Ceramic Artist White on Black Graphic Centerpiece side view
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This spectacular bowl sculpture was created by South Carolina ceramicist Mia Tyson, who characterizes herself as a 'working clay artist' since 1996. All of her pieces are works of art, made individually by a process that she describes as taking days to weeks to complete: "After creating the form out of specially prepared clay slabs, I apply a thin coat of black glaze to the surface. I then carve my designs directly into the underlying clay body. Once the original etched drawing is complete, the piece undergoes a carefully executed firing process that produces the distinct finish that has become my signature." Her actual signature "Mia" in script is inscribed in the clay on the bottom of the piece.

This sculptural bowl is notched and folded on the exterior in a manner that suggests a face, complete with one large eye and a pair of pursed lips. Other graphics on the outside include a pair of bare breasts, an arm, a fish and crosshatched designs. The interior of the piece has a nude woman with flowing locks, surrounded by more geometric motifs and one more fish. 

Irregularly shaped at the top rim, it's a large piece measuring 11 inches across in one direction and 12 1/2 inches in the other direction. The height varies, too, from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches, tapering down to a 4 inch diameter round base. Weighing 4 1/4 pounds, it's in excellent condition and a standout piece of art that will catch the eye and fascinate everyone who sees it.

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