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Antique Yellow Ware Teapot Rockingham Rebekah at the Well Marked H

Antique Yellow Ware Teapot Rockingham Rebekah at the Well Marked H
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This teapot is a handsome example of yellow ware with a Rockingham tortoise glaze. The glaze was dabbed and dripped in long streaks down the surface of the inside, outside and bottom. The raised, relief molded design is "Rebekah at the Well," which is incised in a ribbon under the design on each side. It's a scene of a woman holding a jug at an open well (from the story told in the Bible in Genesis, chapter 24). Potter Edward Bennett claimed that he designed this style teapot circa 1850. It was so popular that it was made by many American potteries.

Rockingham and yellow ware were the first products of a number of potteries in Ohio and a teapot like this one is at the New York Historical Society marked "-Ohio." Marked yellow ware is rare and marked Rockingham ware rarer still. This piece is marked with a deeply impressed capital "H" on both the bottom and the inner rim of the domed lid. Although many potteries in different locations made Rockingham wares, we believe this piece was made by an Ohio pottery in the late 19th or very early 20th century. 

This teapot has a lovely swan's neck spout, a C-form handle and a flower bud finial. The foot is notched out front and back and there are 3 tiny spur marks visible on the bottom. There are 7 strainer holes at the interior base of the spout. It holds 3 cups (24 ounces) and weighs one pound, 6 ounces. The height is 6 inches, from handle to spout it's 7 inches and from front to back it measures 5 inches. There is 1 small, aged chip on the tip of the spout that shows when the handle is turned to the right, and one tiny one on the inner rim of the lid  above the V-notch, in addition to some crazing. Overall it's in very good condition and an excellent addition to an American yellow ware or Rockingham collection.
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