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Angelfish Motif Art Pottery Bowl

Art Pottery Bowl Handmade Signed Painted Angel Fish Motif Coastal Home Decor
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This gorgeous art pottery bowl with its dramatic angelfish design is a masterwork by a talented potter. Handmade of creamy off-white clay, the wide round bowl tapers to a narrow round base, a very inverted, modern design. There are swirling shades of blue that mimic waves in the ocean, with a matte, satiny, almost metallic finish. The angelfish is creamy white, so beautiful with its large eye and graceful fins spreading over the bowl. The underside is unglazed, and features lines, swirls and rough raised grooves that make it fascinating also. It's signed in the center of the foot rim with what we believe to be "Bryan Spears."

This bowl measures 12 inches in diameter, stands 3 1/4 inches high and weighs just under 2 pounds. It's in like-new condition and makes a spectacular centerpiece.


PYH 4424

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