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Andiamo Art Glass Vase Signed and Dated 1998

Vintage Art Glass Vase/ Andiamo Glass Design/ Signed, Dated 1998 / Robert Spielholz and Kathleen Hargrave Hand Blown Hot Glass
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This American studio art glass vase was made by husband and wife team Robert Spielholz and Kathleen Hargrave of Redmond, Washington. They founded Andiamo Glass Design in 1986 to create their distinctive pieces made entirely of blown hot glass. Done in vibrant blues, greens and golden yellows, the design, which we've dubbed "Pairs of Pears," plays an opaque layer over a transparent layer that allows light to illuminate it from all angles. The scooped upper rim is painted a bright yellow, while the bottom is an electric blue. This is a large piece, measuring 12 inches tall by 10 inches wide by 5 inches deep, tapering to an oval base measuring 2 1/2 by 4 inches. It weighs 7 1/2 pounds and is in excellent condition, with no damage or repairs. It is engraved on the base "Andiamo No. 812 1998." At the time this vase was created, pieces from Andiamo were selling for $800 to $850.

The process used by the artists is complex and painstaking. To quote them: "These vessels are made entirely of blown glass. It involves five different stages of work, three of them with the piece in a hot, or molten state, and two while the piece is cold. All designs and painting done completely by hand, with no use of screens or stencils... with a transparent color on the inside, and an opaque layer on the outside. The outer layers of opaque glass are etched, while the piece is cold, to reveal the transparent color inside the piece and form the structure of the imagery. The bright colors and textures on the exterior of the piece are produced by hand painting with ground glass in an oil medium, again while the piece is cold. The painted piece is then reheated in a kiln, picked up once more on a blow pipe, and cased in a layer of clear molten glass before being blown to its final form."

As for the artists, Kathleen Hargrave has studied printmaking, painting, sand casting and etching with studio glass luminaries like Erwin Eisch and Jose Chardiet and at schools like the Pilchuck School, The Arrowroot School, The University of Oregon and the University of Washington. Robert Speilholz studied at Yale University and at the University of Washington, also. He taught glassblowing in the early 1970's in Seattle and has since worked in his own studio, exploring new techniques. This art glass vase from Andiamo proves their expertise and visionary talent for creating outstanding blown glass pieces.

>>>A vase by Robert Spielholz and Kathleen Hargrave was featured in the book "The Artful Home: Using Art & Craft to Create Living Spaces You'll Love" (Lark Books, 2007)


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