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Vintage Bally Shoes Advertising Poster, Framed Original Published in West Germany

Vintage Bally Shoes Advertising Poster, Framed Original Published in West Germany Artist Emil Cardinaux
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A wonderfully graphic poster advertising the Swiss luxury company Bally, founded in 1851, this lithograph depicts a chimney sweep going off to work with his brush, ladder and length of rope. Most important, he is wearing his sturdy Bally leather boots. The image was created in 1926 by Swiss artist Emil Cardinaux, who was one of the first painters to turn to creating poster art; he understood that strong compositions were essential for advertising posters. This lithograph was copyrighted in West Germany in 1974 and published by Ackermann Kunstverlag, founded in Munich in 1597 and known for publishing the highest quality artworks. The genius of this and many other Bally posters is the lack of any other words except "Bally," creating the presumption that everyone knows who and what Bally is.

All of the identifying information is printed at the bottom of the poster:
Emile {sic} Cardinaux (1877-1936) Farblithographie {German for color lithography} 1926
Schuplakat für Bally-Schuhfabriken in Schönenwerd/Schweiz {German for: Shoe Poster for Bally Shoe Factories in Schönenwerd, Switzerland}
Slg. Josef Voggenauer, Archiv für alte und neue Werbegraphik, Munchen 22 { German for: Archivist Joseph Voggenauer for old and new Commercial Art in Munich}

The overall dimensions are 18 3/8 inches by 25 1/8 inches and weighs 3 1/4 pounds. The poster is framed in sturdy 5/8 inch wide wood molding stained a medium brown. Bruner's Fine Arts, an art gallery/art supplies store that was a fixture in Santa Rosa, California, for most of the last century, framed it and possibly sold the poster, also. (Clement Bruner started the art gallery there in the 1890's; by the early 1900's, he was selling works by artists like Carl Dahlgren and Grace Hudson.) When we found the poster, it had no cover, so we had our framer add Plexiglas, new archival quality backing and dust paper and a new hanging wire (we'll enclose the new wall hanger, too). The framer rescued the old Bruner's label and attached it to the new paper back. Because it was not under cover, it has some small smudges here and there, but nothing objectionable. There are no tears, stains or fading and the poster looks great displayed...well...everywhere.

***We've included an old photo of a real-life chimney sweep in his top hat and---possibly---his Bally boots.


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