Studio Art Pottery 1960's Brutalist Pinched Pot/Vase/Signed

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Brutalist design began in the 1950's with an architectural movement that used concrete to create more modern structures (“béton-brut" is French for raw or roughly finished concrete, which is where the brutalist term came from). Brutalist pottery is geometric yet asymmetrical, rough and reactionary, almost menacing and sometimes mangled; all of these adjectives describe this pot, which was hand thrown, probably in the 1960's.

Although the cylindrical shape is conventional, the large, lumpy pinched "dent" in its side is not. The rim of the high shoulder is actually sharp to the touch. The glazes, too, are unusual: dripping, shading, piled one atop the other, they were applied with abandon and cover the piece inside and out, except for a upside down vee of unglazed clay on each side and and an unglazed bottom, which reveal the creamy color of the raw clay. There is a mark incised into the bottom which we have not yet identified through our research. It's in like-it-was-just-made condition. The vase is 7 inches tall, has a 3 inch diameter mouth and and is about 4 1/2 inches at the widest point. It weighs a little over 2 pounds and is a chunky modernist pot thrown by a very experienced potter.


PYH 3885