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Scheurich Fat Lava West German Pottery Vases - Trio from the 1960s

Scheurich Fat Lava West German Pottery Vases - Trio from the 1960s

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This trio of 1960's vases made of white clay are by Scheurich Keramik in Kleinheubach, West Germany. The Scheurich company, founded in 1954, was one of the largest ceramics manufacturers in West Germany and produced the greatest variety of shapes and glazes.

These vases are covered with a khaki and black pumice glaze, a technique that has come to be dubbed "Fat Lava." The bases have the numbers 213-20 (213 being the form/shape number and 20 the height in centimeters) and the country name W. GERMANY, all molded in the typical Scheurich circle inside the foot ring. The name Scheurich wasn't embossed on the bases until the late 1970's.

The vases are all about the same height--7 3/4 inches--varying by 1/16 inch. The mouth openings are each a bit over 2 inches, the bases are 3 inches in diameter and each one weighs just under 1 1/2 pounds. Two of them are in excellent condition. The third would be except for a chip off the glaze, about 1/4 inch in length, that exposes the clay underneath. It's located near the bottom, pictured in one of our photos; it's easily turned to the wall, but still, it's there. The foot ring on the base of that vase has a burnt coloring, also--it's obvious that it led a tougher life than the other two in the last 50+ years. Three matching WGP vases are a real find for the collector and the lover of all things modern.


Vase by Knödgen Keramik West German Pottery 1950's Modernism

West German Vase Dümler & Breiden Pottery 1950's Sgraffito #103/18


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