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J. Garcia

Pueblo Pottery Signed J. Garcia - Vintage Acoma Seed Jar

Pueblo Pottery Signed J. Garcia - Vintage Acoma Seed Jar

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A handsome pottery piece that is unmistakably from the Acoma pueblo of New Mexico, this is a traditional polychrome jar by Janet Garcia. The red clay is slipped in white and decorated with a black fine-line design--long lines painted close together that represent rain or water--on the upper portion of the jar. The white circle on each side represents the earth, with geometric designs, different on each circle, that are topped with feathers. The bottom half of the circle has a red-speckled lizard with bright green eyes. Lizards are the symbols for persistence and the keeping of ancient secrets. The lowest portion of the pot is encircled with a ring of feathers with an equator line under them. The rest of the pot base and bottom are plain white.

Incredibly smooth on the exterior, this piece exhibits its hand made nature on the interior with some small lumps and bumps. With a mouth opening of 2 1/2 inches, the jar stands 6 inches tall and about 7 inches across (23 inch circumference) on a 3 1/2 inch diameter base. It weighs 1 pound 12 ounces and is hand signed in black on the bottom "J. GARCIA ACOMA, NM." The pot is in excellent condition, with a tiny triangle shaped glaze flake and some small scratches, all on the rim of the mouth, that reveal the red clay. (We've magnified them in our photo, but they're difficult to see otherwise.) The painting is superb, artistic and very precise, making it a desirable piece of pueblo pottery.


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