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Linda L. Fragua

Linda L. Fragua Pottery Storyteller Corn Maiden

Linda L. Fragua Pottery Storyteller Corn Maiden

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Linda Lucero Fragua was born into the Corn Clan at Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico in 1954. She learned the traditional art of making pottery from her mother, Rebecca Lucero, also a famous Jemez potter and marketed her fist pieces in 1970. She married into the Fragua family, one of the foremost potting families in the Pueblo, and she lives there with her husband Phillip, also a potter.

Storytellers, first made in 1964 by a Cochiti potter named Helen Cordero, were an almost instant success and Jemez potters began making their own styles of them in 1968. Since corn is an important staple of the Pueblo diet and the symbol for Linda Fragua's clan, it was natural for her to make Corn Maiden storytellers like this one.

Linda's pottery is made with natural materials from the earth surrounding the Pueblo, both clay and pigments, and she makes her pieces entirely by hand. This woman storyteller is holding a child nestled in an opened ear of corn against a cascade of corn kernels painted in cream, adobe and gray-blue. She is wrapped in a shawl decorated with steppes and corn symbols. Her hair is tied into two traditional topknots, decorated with adobe colored ribbon. Linda Fragua signed it on the bottom "Linda L. Fragua Jemez ©" in black hand printing. We have included a photo of Linda Fragua holding a corn maiden of hers and also a copy we found on the internet of her business card.

The figurine stands 7 inches tall, about 2 1/2 inches across the body and weighs 3/4 of a pound. In overall very good condition, the butterfly is missing the upper end of its body. There is also some wear to the paint on the shawl (our price has been adjusted to reflect this). The colors are strong, fresh and unfaded. It displays nicely, a beautiful piece of pottery by a master Pueblo potter.


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