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S Miche

Carved Wooden Snipe on Painted Burl Base

Carved Wooden Snipe on Painted Burl Base

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* Vintage Item

This handsome hand carved bird is a snipe, a wading bird found along rivers and ponds and in bogs and swamps. Cleverly created from a naturally bird-shaped piece of wood, details like the head and tail feathers and the beak were meticulously carved and then colored with paint and stain. Its tiny brown eyes with brown pupils are inset into carved-out areas painted white.

The bird is mounted on a brass rod that is set into the natural burl base. The burl was shaped into four flat rectangular sides, each of which is hand painted with a scene. There are mountains, a pond and bullrushes---the natural habitat of a snipe. One of the side is signed, hand lettered in brown: S Miche.

The carving and base together are 9 1/4 inches tall and weigh 1/2 pound. The snipe is 3 inches across from head to tail, with the base measuring 2 1/2 by 3/12 inches. It's in excellent condition, with no wear that we could find. This carving is a wonderful addition to a collection and looks great on its own.


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