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Rare Arthur Court Cat Statues-Hand Signed OOAK Pair Dated 1993-"Arthur Court Designs" Book Included

Rare Arthur Court Cat Statues-Hand Signed OOAK Pair Dated 1993-"Arthur Court Designs" Book Included

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This handsome pair of cat statues was made of hand cut pieces of polished aluminum by Arthur Court (1928-2015), a famed San Francisco designer and the founder of Arthur Court Designs. After intensive research, we have not found any other aluminum pieces by Arthur Court that are constructed in this fashion, the aluminum pieces having been tacked with small brads over what we believe to be a wooden form. These cats are rare and probably one of a kind, hand signed and dated 1993 by Arthur Court personally, instead of being die stamped on the production line. Rather than being sand cast at the factory, these felines were hand made in Mr. Court's own studio. Be sure to note the pleated grooves in the metal that form their whiskers.

The unusual process that Mr. Court used to create these statues gives them a modern, almost brutalist look. One of the cats is 10 3/4 inches tall, the other 11 1/4 inches. They measure 5 1/2 inches front to back at the base and about 5 inches across at the tops of their legs. Each weighs a bit over 2 1/2 pounds; they sit very steadily on any flat surface and both are in wonderful condition.

Arthur Court began his own design studio in SF in 1966, attracting clients such as Shirley Temple Black, the Andrews Sisters and Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus. He began working with aluminum in 1976, using the sand casting process to make decorative items like furniture and, beginning in the 1980's, table-top wares made of this popular 'alternative metal.' Many of his designs are still being produced and, according to the 2018 catalog, "hand made by our artisans around the world."

We are including the 352 page coffee table book "Arthur Court Designs," written by Mr. Court and published in 1999. It pre-owned, retaining its silver bookmark ribbon but not its dust cover. While there is nothing shown in the book like these statues, it is a fascinating glimpse of a man who once graced Playboy Magazine with a two-page spread entitled "Hot Rocks." (Mr. Court was famous for his vast collection of rare minerals, many of which he sold on stands of his own design.) His passion for nature is evident in his creative designs.

The uniqueness and style of these very appealing cats make them decorative gems.


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