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Antique Historical Dark Blue Platter - WILLIAM ADAMS

Antique Historical Dark Blue Platter - WILLIAM ADAMS

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This large, handsome historical blue transferware platter was made in Staffordshire, England by William Adams. The scene is of Jedburgh Abbey in Roxburghshire, Scotland and was taken from contemporary paintings, such as the one we show by

British artist Thomas Girtin titled "Jedburgh Abbey from the River" which Girtin completed in 1799. The stamped cobalt blue mark on the reverse identifies the scene, while the small circular impressed mark reads "ADAMS WARRANTED STAFFORDSHIRE" (there is an eagle in the center; we wouldn't have known it from this example if we hadn't consulted the website This impressed mark was used c. 1804 to 1840; the platter dates c. 1820.

The engraving of the Abbey seen from the riverbank is set into the oval platter's deep well and is surrounded by the wide, canted rim decorated with zinnias and tulips. It's an impressive 17 inches long and measures 13 inches across at its widest point. The platter is in overall excellent condition, with small rust stains in one area of the rim but no others; just a few utensil marks and a very clean underside. There is one hairline, however; it is on the edge of the bottom rim and extends a short distance up the front and longer on the back, within a few inches of the oval blue mark. Both sides have been magnified and pointed out with an arrow in our photos, but it is actually difficult to see unless you know right where it is and you are specifically looking for it. On the back, the hairline is so fine that it blends in with the fine network of crazing. The rich blue shades are fresh and bright and the white earthenware undimmed by the 200 years of use. A gorgeous transferware platter with a scene not easily found, this Adams piece is a wonderful find.


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