Vintage Spaniel Statue, Anthropomorphic Cavalier King Charles customers home photo

Vintage Spaniel Statue, Anthropomorphic Cavalier King Charles

Vintage Spaniel Statue, Anthropomorphic Cavalier King Charles
This anthropomorphic statue of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a charming find for dog lovers. Standing 15 inches tall, made of hollow pottery, she's wearing the height of 18th century everyday fashion. Her open robe dress, trimmed in cording in green and pink, has a matching shawl and a ruffled fichu (kerchief) that fills in her bodice. Her shoe peeking out at the hem is pink, also. The statue was completely hand painted and given both intentional faux craquelure (crackle finish) and brown antiquing for an aged appearance, all topped with a glossy clear glaze.
4259 Pottery Dog In Dress full back view-2736 x 3648.jpg

Her height as stated is 15 inches; she's 6 inches across the shoulders and stands on a slightly irregular oval base 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches. The statue weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces and is felted in dark green on the bottom. It's in excellent condition, with a small firing flaw on the cording at the lower right bottom on the back, done before the green china paint was applied. It's a lovely decorative statue that's reminiscent in style of antique Staffordshire figurines and looks delightful wherever she's placed.
By: Linda Henrich
Photos by Wayne Henrich
Cover Photo sent to us by customer

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