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This classically elegant, gleaming white porcelain teapot is from the village of Verbilki in Russia. The factory was started by Englishman Francis Gardner in 1766. The stamped moose head mark on the bottom is in red ink, signifying First Class wares. When the company was taken over by the Soviet regime after the 1917 revolution, ceramics were marked with CCCP (Союз Советских Социалистических Республик), the Russian acronym for the Soviet Union. The factory produced porcelain for the Russian Imperial Court and won gold and silver medals at the World's Fairs in Paris and in Brussels.

4348 White and Gold Russian Teapot-bottom mark view-3648 x 2736-jpg.JPG

This teapot is in excellent condition, with just minor wear to the gilding on the handle. It's free of chips, cracks, crazing and discolorations. Styled with 16 panels on both the body and the lid, it has a lovely molded shell decoration under the handle. It measures 5 1/2 inches tall to the top of the lid knop and about 8 inches from spout to handle. With a weight of 13 ounces, it holds 22 ounces (2 3/4 cups) and has a 9 hole strainer on the interior at the base of the handle. Immaculate and beautiful, this teapot is perfect for serving tea to those who are dear to you. It also makes a lovely gift, especially for an admirer of fine porcelain.

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PYH 4348

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