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Museum Mount Replica XVIII Dynasty, Egyptian Head

Egyptian Head

This cast stone head of a Egyptian official, possibly a scribe, is finished to look like granite. It is mounted on a wooden center post base like those museums and galleries use.

This head depicts an official with the typical flared, striated wig, prominent ears and almond-shaped eyes. He probably lived during the New Kingdom,1427-1401 B.C., during the reign of Amenhotep II, Dynasty XVIII.

There is an impressed mark on the rear bottom of the head that reads “C M R”. We are interpreting this as “Cairo Museum Replica,” but have not been able to verify this through research.

This is a very heavy piece—it weighs ten pounds. It is 12 inches tall including the base, which is 5 3/8 inches wide, 4 ½ inches high and 2 ¾ inches deep. The head itself is 8 ¼ inches high and from one edge of the bottom of the head to the other is 10 inches.

An authentic original head such as this would cost $100,000 or more. This piece is a very impressive addition to any collection or décor at a tiny fraction of the cost of an antiquity.

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