Mechanical Bird Sculpture by Woodlucker, 1996 Signed Ann Wood and Dean Lucker, Limited Edition 70/100

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Woodlucker is a magical art studio and center of vast creativity founded in 1987 by the wife and husband team of Ann Wood and Dean Lucker in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their works are available currently only at their studio**, so this is an excellent opportunity to own one of their mechanical sculptures. The artists' creations have won many prestigious awards at venues like the Philadelphia Museum Show and have been featured by Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens.

4732 Vintage Mechanical Bird Sculpture by Woodlucker facing right-WO-2736 x 3648.jpg

This multi-hued and cheerful wooden bird is charming, perched on a round "grass" painted base with bits of dried leaves and ferns applied to it. When his red-striped tail is pressed down, his beak opens and he emits happy chirps, giving true meaning to the phrase "art that sings." His capacity for song seems to be limitless, having survived the last 23 years and still going strong.

4732 Vintage Mechanical Bird Sculpture by Woodlucker facing left-2736 x 3648.jpg

This beautiful and talented avian stands just over 9 inches tall, measures about 6 inches from red breast to the tip of the tail and stands on a 4 1/2 inch diameter base. The bottom is painted flat black and is hand lettered in white, " Ann Wood Dean Lucker 1996 70/100," a very limited edition. The bird weighs about 1 1/4 pounds and is in excellent condition, with just a few absolutely minute flecks of paint missing, mentioned for our usual scrupulous accuracy. Completely hand made and hand painted, this artwork is a wonderful find.

4732 Vintage Mechanical Bird Sculpture by Woodlucker bottom signed by Ann Wood -Dean Lucker-1996 -3648 x 2736.jpg

**Woodlucker has a shop on Etsy, offering mechanical cards and dexterity puzzles:

>>>This tour of the artists' art-filled and breathtaking home is fascinating:


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