Maple Burl Bowl Organic Shape and Gorgeous Grain

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Large wood Burl Bowl-Best-3656 x 1936-jpg.JPG

The intricate grain and natural inclusions of the maple burl make this a very striking and decorative bowl. Its free form organic shape and irregular contours endow it with a look at once primitive and modernist. It was hand carved and polished by an artist whose burned-in or branded signature (or initials) on the bottom read: CON.

Large wood Burl Bowl inside view-3004 x 2370-jpg.JPG

Large wood burl bowl bottom view-2550 x 2180-jpg.JPG

The measurement across the top of this bowl varies from 12 to 15 inches due to the sinuous shape of the rim. It stands steadily 4 to 4 3/4 inches high on a nice flat base and weighs almost 3 1/2 pounds. There are generous amounts of swirls, knots, lumps, bumps and ripples, along with folds, spots, dark figures and splotches. The alternating smooth and knobby areas make handling this bowl a very tactile experience. In terrific condition, this burl bowl can be used as a magnificent centerpiece or classy storage but not for food prep.
Note: This item is from past listed items...sorry sold

By: Linda Henrich

Photos by Wayne Henrich
PYH 3990

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