vintage chinese black bird cage

Vintage Chinese Black Bamboo Bird Cage With Porcelain Feeding Bowl

Bird Cage Vintage Chinese Black Bamboo With Porcelain Feeding Bowl

A charming decorative item for any room, this Chinese birdcage is the perfect size to tuck anywhere. It's bamboo, painted black, with three carved feet that have a rising sun motif. There is a door that opens upward and a metal clip (not shown) that keeps the cage closed and will be included along with our fine feathered friend. A blue and white porcelain feeding cup with Chinese designs is attached to the side of the cage with a small block of bamboo. The bowl has a hairline crack barely visible on the left side of the cup in photo #2.
black chinese bamboo bird cage- with porcelain feeding bowl.jpg
The cage stands 15 inches tall, is 9 inches across at the widest point and has a 7 inch round base. There are no breaks and it's in good condition. The metal rod and nut that hold decorations on the top have a weathered patina (AKA rusty). We don't think it's ever had a bird or anything else live in it, as the inside bottom is pristine. Frankly, it's hard for us to imagine a bird living in this cage, but then again our last bird was a mynah! It's lovely for decoration, stands very well on any flat surface and weighs just a half pound, easily picked up and moved anywhere.
By: Linda Henrich

Photos By: Wayne Henrich
PYH 3954

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