Bentwood Sculpture Modernist Wood Vase Artist Signed by Reut Shahar

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The well-known company named Kakadu Designs was founded in 1990 by the husband and wife team of Aharon and Reut Shahar. Located in the Elah Valley of Israel, master carpenter Aharon and artist Reut opened their first store in Jerusalem in 1994, selling their hand made, hand painted decorative items, like this tall bentwood vase of theirs. We've included a photo of the info card that accompanies the vase. In both English and Hebrew, it details the processes Kakadu uses to make their very decorative items.

The wrapped cylinder shape is fastened with a brass rivet and has an angled rim and a narrow base that give it a modernist appeal. The wood is stained red in one section, dark brown in another and left its natural color on the rest of the vase. It's decorated with retro motifs, reminiscent of the 1950's but also of aborigine paintings of Australia, where the Kakadu Wilderness is located (notice the twiggy trees painted on the back). The talented Shahars designed the Picabu Restaurant at Walt Disney World in Orlando and created the wonderful art that fills the walls.

This vase stands 13 inches tall, with a 4 inch diameter mouth and a 2 3/4 inch wide base. The artist's hand written signature, "Reut S." in black is on the back of the vase, while the bottom is hand signed, also in black, with "KAKADU" and their logo, an outline sketch of two joined cockatoos (kakadu is another word for cockatoo). The vase weighs a mere 1/4 pound and is in very good condition, with no cracks, no paint loss and just one small chip at the very bottom of the back (pictured). It vase can hold dried or silk flowers only, though it's so appealing simply as sculptural modernist décor.


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