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Arts and Crafts Era Antique Large Pottery Vase Circa 1910

Antique Arts and Crafts Era Large Pottery Vase Circa 1910 With Flowers
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This large, heavy pottery vase has a glossy olive green glaze with touches of rusty brown on both the interior and exterior. The grapevines, leaves and tendrils are in relief on the outside and the many indentations from them can be felt on the inside. Since it’s unmarked, we can’t pinpoint the maker but it is a very good quality piece of pottery, circa 1910.

The glaze is in excellent condition, with crazing only on the edge of the base and on the bottom. The bottom is also glazed except for the outer rim. This vase weighs four pounds and measures 8 ½ inches tall, 7 inches across the top and 5 ¾ inches across the bottom. It's in wonderful condition and a handsome piece of Arts and Crafts pottery for your home or office.


PYH 3657

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