Lidded Dryden Pottery Jar OOAK Sgraffito Signed Roark 86

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Dryden pottery was founded by James Dryden in Ellsworth, Kansas in 1946 and relocated to Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1956, where it is still in business making beautiful pottery. This striking deep blue glazed lidded jar is a one of a kind original, signed by the artist Charles Roark and dated 86 (he worked for Dryden from 1982 to 1987). The throwing ridges are evident on the interior, while the exterior has been incised with hundreds of small ovals that provide a pebbly surface and 8 large flowers with 8 petals each, all highly textural. Both the top of the jar and the lid are incised with tiny notches; the lid fits into the mouth with a cup like that on a French butter dish. This piece is a tribute to the creativity and patience of the artist.

The dry unglazed bottom is signed 'Dryden Roark Original' and dated '86'. The jar also retains its black and gold foil label that states "ONE OF A KIND SIGNED ORIGINAL FROM Dryden HOT SPRINGS, ARK.' It weighs 3 1/4 pounds, is 8 inches tall with the lid, 6 1/2 inches at the widest across the belly and has a base of 4 1/2 inches across. There is one minute rough spot on the lid knob, which was done during the firing. The crescent shaped piece that appears to be missing on the lid knob is actually original and not post-production breakage; it's smooth and covered with both the blue and clear glazes. All white spots in the photographs are either a product of the lighting or were the intent of the artist. The glaze has pinholes and glaze pops. Both lid and jar are absolutely pristine, appearing to be a cabinet piece for the last 30 years.

Whether you are a Dryden Pottery collector, just love hand made pottery or want to decorate with it, you'll enjoy owning this original piece.

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