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Folk Art Cloth Boy Doll, Hand Made With Painted Face and Dressed

Folk Art Cloth Boy Doll, Hand Made With Painted Face  and Dressed
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This 20 inch tall boy doll was hand made of cloth, including stockinette and muslin, and hand painted with big blue eyes, smiling rosebud mouth and rich brown "hair." The doll's head and shoulder plate were sewn of muslin, then coated with a mixture of acrylic gel and modeling paste, or possibly gesso was used instead. This stiffened the head so that the face and hair could be painted on with oil paints. On this young man, the doll maker used the stiffening on the muslin five-fingered hands and the arms right up to the "elbow joints." The rest of the body is made of stockinette, pretty firmly stuffed, and he is also jointed at the shoulders and knees.

His newsboy cap is green corduroy and so are his overalls, much faded in the front from sitting in one place for quite awhile. He's wearing a collarless muslin shirt, green felt shoes and his outfit is finished off with a striped red satin bow at his neck, which may or may not be original. It looks pretty new--it's hand sewn on with just a few stitches--easily removable if you wish. This doll was made in a manner very similar to those made by Helen Pringle. In fact, his face is very reminiscent of her 1988 Mary Mason-Dixon doll.

To give you some idea of size, his head is about 4 inches at the widest point and his legs are about 9 inches long from the point that they are sewn on to his torso. Apparently he was hugged a bit too heartily at some point, because he has a slight dent in the bottom right side of his face. Otherwise, his condition is terrific--he's a very loveable lad ready to find a loving home.

P.S. Green bench is not included
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