1981 Rosemåling Wall Plate - Marie Kleppe

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This beautiful wall hung plate was hand painted by Iowa-born Marie Kleppe (1931-2006). The floral decorations are painted on wood with one of the styles of the Norwegian folk art rosemåling (which translates to "rosepainting" in Norwegian). The style, called Os, began in about 1850 and is named after the old parish of Os in Hordaland County, south of Bergen, Norway. (All of the old rosemåling styles are named after places in Norway, such as Telemark and Rogaland). The main characteristics are bright colors, stylized flowers and lots of leaves, partly natural and partly abstract.

On this plate, there are daisies, tulips and a central four-petal flower on a cream background. The colors are mustardy yellow and shades of blue and green with white highlights. The one inch wide edge is sponge painted in blue and the plate is signed at the bottom front "Marie Kleppe 1981." Marie was a member of the Kroneklubben (Crown Club), a group of the most generous and dedicated donors to the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa. 

The back of the plate is a solid cream color and has a sawtooth hanger installed. The plate, 12 inches in diameter and projecting about 3/4 inch from the wall, weighs about 1 pound. It's in excellent condition, with the only wear some tiny chips around the blue edges that reveal the cream paint underneath. It's a lovely piece of hand painted Norwegian-American folk art in a style not often found.

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