Rev. Sister of Mercy - Kay Glenn Carved Picture

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Kay Glenn, the artist who created this delightful carved, three dimensional picture, has said "I knew all my life I was an artist, but I didn't find my medium until I picked up the knives." After studying relief wood carving in Kobe, Japan where she earned the title "Master Carver," she returned to her home in New Orleans, continuing to carve and teach in the Japanese tradition. Around the time of her 60th birthday, she began carving scenes of New Orleans like this one. A fortuitous meeting with award-winning painter Sylvia Kay (who described Kay Glenn as "the Grandma Moses of Louisiana carvers") resulted in a lifetime friendship and a collaboration that produced this artwork, among many others. Kay hand carved the original scene; it was molded as a composite wood plaque and then Sylvia hand painted it. We were fortunate to find a copy online of a leaflet describing both artists; while we couldn't include a good photograph of it, we printed it and will enclose it with the picture.

This charming scene depicts a nun in her black and white habit; it's so detailed that each rosary bead was carved individually. She is posed with one of her students, a little girl in her school uniform of white blouse and navy blue skirt, holding her books. We removed the plaque from the frame to photograph all the marks. The words "REV. SISTER OF MERCY" are incised at lower left bottom on the front. Above that Is "KAY" in a rectangle, with the various symbols that compose her signature which she adopted while in Japan. There is also a © there. On the reverse of the picture the words "Sister of Mercy" are handwritten in pencil. Below that is a ink stamp that identifies this as a Limited Edition "Sculptured Print" of Original Wood Carvings by Kay Glenn and Sylvia Kay. Kay Glenn's symbols are hand written below that and at the very bottom there is another ink stamp that states "KAY GLENN MASTER CARVER 37 THRASHER STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA 70124" They named their first venture "Street Scene," which they began in 1984, selling "Sculptured Prints." This is one of those early "prints." (Later ones were marked with the edition number and dated.)

This piece is in wonderful condition, with just some tiny dents in the frame, which is walnut with a inner liner finished in antique gold. The picture's secured on the back with two swivel tabs and has a hanging wire installed. The outer measurements are 6 inches by 8 inches, while the picture itself is 5 inches by 7 1/4 inches. It weighs 10 1/2 ounces and is just as easily propped on an easel as hung on the wall, alone or as part of a grouping.


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