1965 Lisa Larson Little Cat

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This is Liten Katt, the stylized small cat that Lisa Larson designed in 1965. It was handmade of white stoneware, a special edition hand painted at the Gustavsberg Porcelain factory in Sweden under the direction of Stig Lindberg. The cat has a modern, blocky shape and an orange glaze. Its happy face, tiny feet and tail curled into a number 9 (Lisa's sly reference to a cat's supposed 9 lives) give this figure broad mid century appeal.

Standing just shy of 4 inches tall and measuring 2 1/2 inches across the base, this modernist feline weighs about 9 ounces. It's in exceptional condition, retaining its original foil label on the bottom front that reads "DESIGN LISA LARSON" along with the Gustavsberg logo. On the bottom is the Gustavsberg script signature and a partially readable paper label which would state when new "Gustavsberg Lisa Larson Collection." This label was applied to identify the figure for sale, possibly in the Swedish department store Nordiska Kompaniet. Under that label are Lisa Larson's initials "LL," just barely visible through the paper.

Lisa Larson, born in 1931 in Härlunda, Sweden, designed for Gustavsberg for 27 years, becoming one of their most renowned artists, famous for her animal figurines. This charming Liten Katt is scarce and rarely found with all the marks and labels intact. It's a wonderful find for admirers of Scandinavian design, MCM ceramics and of course, for cat lovers everywhere.

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