Salt Glazed Antique Stoneware Jar Brushed Cobalt Flowers

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  • Antique item

This antique stoneware jar features a salt glazed surface and three sprays of brush painted cobalt flowers spaced around the sides. The tooled flat rim has a smooth indentation below that allowed a cover to be tied over the mouth to protect the contents. The interior does not have a coat of Albany brown slip, which tended to be a Northern practice; it does show the finger marks of the potter inside. There is some quantity of iron in the grey clay, which tints one side a rust color, shown in the first and last photos. Although found in the area of Jacksonville, Florida, it was possibly brought down from Georgia or the Carolinas (in fact, we're betting on North Carolina). We do believe that it is a southern piece of pottery; given its straight sides rather than an ovoid shape, it dates from post-Civil War years up until the late 1800's.

This handsome jar stands 8 3/4 inches tall, measures 3 3/4 inches across the mouth and has a 5 1/4 inch base diameter. It holds more than a 1/2 gallon but less than 3 quarts, a bit of an odd size, definitely made in a rural area. It weighs 3 3/4 pounds and has had some hard knocks (which were taken into consideration when we priced it). There are multiple chips around the outer rim of the mouth, a few tiny round ones in the body and one on the bottom edge. There are two vertical hairlines, one through a flower bunch and another running fairly parallel to it, as shown in our photo #3 ( be sure to zoom). Cobalt decorated stoneware is more and more difficult to find and this piece displays beautifully alone or in a collection.

**This is a jar, not a crock; its top diameter is smaller than its waist, whereas a crock's top is the same size as its waist, regardless of the size of its base.


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