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Talavera Pottery 12 Inch Wall Platter From Puebla, Mexico

Talavera Pottery 12 Inch Wall Platter From Puebla, Mexico
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This spectacular wall platter was made in Puebla City, Mexico; this type of pottery is called Talavera, after its origins in Talavera, Spain. It's a type of Mexican majolica, made of clay covered with an opaque white glaze and then decorated with traditional Talavera blue, the predominant color. On this platter the other authentic colors used were yellow, green, white, black and reddish pink. The hand painted decorations include flowers, seashells, dots and a meandering black design encircling the center. Talavera is very labor-intensive to make; each piece takes about two to three months to complete. Genuine Talavera is one of the most unique potteries of Mexico and one of the most expensive.

This platter is meant to be hung on the wall; it has holes at the top of the foot rim with twisted wire. Although it has a beautifully rippled and scalloped edge, the foot allows the piece to hang flat against the wall. Of course, it can easily be propped on a shelf or sit on any flat surface.

The marks hand printed in black paint on the back include La Colonial; the piece was made for this huge, well-known store in Puebla that stocks over 2000 pieces of Talavera. It's also marked Hecho a Mexico and Pue (Puebla) Mex. It's about 12 inches in diameter, about 2 inches high and weighs 2 pounds. In excellent condition, this platter is a dramatic focal point in any room.

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