Copper Lustre Tea Leaf Ironstone Four Cups and Saucers
Tea Leaf Ironstone Four Cups and Saucers main

Copper Lustre Tea Leaf Ironstone Four Cups and Saucers

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    These four tea leaf ironstone cups and saucers are in such lovely condition, ready to be used and displayed. They are a "marriage" of two cups and four saucers by Alfred Meakin (Tunstall, England ca. 1870's to 1890's) in the 'Plain Round' body style and two cups by Red-Cliff Ironstone in the Square Ridged-Ribbed body style. All have the copper lustre banding and tea leaves on the cups. The saucers are dished rather than flat and also have the copper lustre banding and a tea leaf in the center of each. 

    The four saucers have the Alfred Meakin Royal Ironstone mark on the bottoms, while the two matching Meakin cups are unmarked. The Red-Cliff cups, marked in gold on the bottom, were produced by various firms such as Hall China in Liverpool, Ohio but were decorated and distributed by the Red Cliff Company (1950-1977) in Chicago, Illinois. 

    The saucers measure about 6 inches across and about 1 inch high. The Meakin cups are 4 1/2 inches wide across the handle and 2 1/2 inches high and are stepped at the bottoms. The Red-Cliff cups are taller (3 inches high) and a tiny bit narrower and have fluted bases (hence "Ridged-Ribbed"). They also have a lustre band on the handles, while the Meakin cups do not. All of the pieces appear unused, except for a small bit of discoloration in the bottom of one Red-Cliff cup. While they are a married set, they all work beautifully together. 

    © Linda Henrich

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