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Art Glass Sculpture Vintage Abstract Modernism

Art Glass Sculpture Vintage Abstract Modernism
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This eye-catching modernist glass sculpture was created by an artist with a keen eye for design. The weighty, clear glass amorphous shape is filled with scattered controlled bubbles and fascinating inclusions. A cloud of green swirls through the upper right; in the lower left are oblong bits of cane glass in various colors and a speckled scoop of blue and green completes the lower right. The sides of the piece are frosted and opaque; on the reverse side are cutouts of a sphere and an isosceles triangle, both also frosted and very tactile. The piece is cleverly canted at a backward angle, the better to admire it even when it's not at eye level. Although we could call this a paperweight, it does need a flat surface to sit properly, so glass sculpture is a better term. It would, however, look smashing on your desk.

This sculpture weighs a hefty 3 pounds. It is 5 1/2 inches tall, about 6 inches at the widest and has a base about 3 inches wide. It's in great condition, with just one nearly invisible scratch on the face (we couldn't capture with our camera). This is a striking piece of collectible modernist glass for you or for a much appreciated gift.

© Linda Henrich

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