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Wooden Mallard Duck Carving - Country Lures by Emporium of Maine

Wooden Mallard Duck - Country Lures by Emporium of Maine  facing right
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Emporium of Maine was a well-known shop in Kennebunkport, Maine for 33 years. Among the items they offered were home décor and gifts, many made especially for them, like this hand painted duck carving. Meant to be decorative, not gunned over, this bird is a 2/3 size, meaning 2/3 of the size of an actual mallard drake. He's about 14 inches long beak to tail, 5 1/2 inches to top of his head and 4 inches across his middle. Made from a solid block of walnut, he weighs 1 pound 9 ounces. 

The painting was done in broad strokes, with the natural color of the wood providing the ruddy brown areas. Topped with a semi-gloss clear coat, it's held up well, with just a bit of chipping at the tip of the tail and some minor nicks in the wood. Many of these ducks from the Emporium that we've seen have had their beaks broken and repaired. This one has a hairline crack on the top of his beak; it doesn't go through to the underside and it shows up more glaringly in our photos than it does in person. Both glass eyes are intact and there are no other cracks or chips. The unfinished bottom of the duck bears the "Country Lures by Emporium of Maine" logo incised into the wood. He's an attractive carving for display, alone or in a grouping.

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