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Circa 1910 Royal Rudolstadt Porcelain Cabinet Plate, Beyer & Bock Hand Painted Violets

Circa 1910 Royal Rudolstadt Porcelain Cabinet Plate, Beyer & Bock Hand Painted Violets
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This luscious porcelain cabinet plate was hand painted in the Art Nouveau style with beautiful nosegays of purple violets. It was made circa 1910 by the Prussian firm of Beyer & Bock, founded in 1890, which was permitted to use the trademark "Royal Rudolstadt" by decree from Prince Günther Victor of the House of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. Beyer & Bock's porcelain was highly regarded for its quality and the company continued in business until 1960.

The underside of the plate has the Royal Rudolstadt and Beyer & Bock crown B backstamp printed in purple. Note that the stamp also includes the words "Hand Painted," which mean that it was done by an artist at the porcelain factory rather than sent out as a blank for a china painter to decorate at home. The artist's signature, Danz, is in purple script on the front, below one of the nosegays. 

The plate has a lovely gilded rim and touches of gilt on the green leaves and the buds. The curvaceous green tendrils form designs that exemplify the Art Nouveau movement's affinity for organic shapes based on plants and nature. Unlike the busyness of Victorian decorations, there is ample white space on the plate to emphasize the beauty of the flowers.

The plate measures 8 1/4 inches across and 7/8 inches high. We spotted two minor flaws: there is a tiny"dent" in the porcelain along the rim that happened in production, since it was gilded over afterward, and there are a few spots of purple ink on the back from the application of the backstamp. The plate is in wonderful condition, with no chips, cracks or crazing. Both the gilt and the colors are bright and fresh.

In the language of flowers, the gift of purple violets means that the giver was thinking with love about the recipient. We think that makes this cabinet plate the perfect gift for someone you care about, including yourself.

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